Samsung Electronics has announced the Samsung Z3, a Tizen-based smartphone that offers powerful performance and easy customization. It took much longer than expected, but now it finally happened: Samsung has released its first Tizen Phone to the real world. Indias price-conscious customers now have an additional choice: The Z1 is relatively cheap by concept, for basic needs.

After many delays and changes to its marketing strategy, Samsung has now decided to position its Tizen Phones in the entry level market segments at price ranges below USD. India may be the first country to see actual Tizen Phones on the shelves as soon as January Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsungs product strategy team, told Reuters that Samsung was working to introduce at least two smartphones running on Tizen, as the market leader tries to break out of its dependency on Android.

Only days before Samsung is exptected to unveil its first Tizen Phone, an image has surfaced that according to moveplayer. After years of waiting, February has been announced as the official start date for the first Tizen Phones that will be available to the public. Intel and Samsung will show devices that will most likely run on Version 3. While there is still no Tizen based Phone on the Market, the Operating System has made a lot of progress. Currently Developers can use Version 2.

TizenEperts had the opportunity to take a look at the current state of Tizens User Interface.Google Keep let you save your ideas, thoughts and other important things so that you get easy access with them later. You can save notes in the form of voice memo, photos and documents and find them easily when you need. All the notes saved on the app are synced across all your devices so that its easy for you to have access with them at the right time or place.

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You can download it on Huawei Watches thorough Play Store. The app let you track your running activity as well as displays all the stat related to track distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned on your Huawei watch. Runtastic provides you the perfect training programme for your running activities directly on your wrist and monitor your statistics to analyse your training programme. Set your daily and monthly goals and track all activities right from the watch.

Also Read: Strava app launched on Samsung smartwatches. As the name of the app suggests it aims to give optimum benefits of the daily workouts. The app works on scientific studies and let you gain maximum from your workouts and ensure fitness with just few minutes daily workout. Seven encourage you to build habit of workout from anywhere and anytime without any equipment.

It offers more than exercises and workout plans designed to adapt your fitness level and ensure you the maximum benefit right from your wrist.

Watchmaker Watch Faces app let you create your own personalized and innovative watch faces for your Huawei watch. This app supports more than watch faces and has largest collection of watch faces with unique and incredible design to match your needs. It offers hundreds of new faces every week and supports round and square designs. This is paid service and once you unlocked it you get access with vast collection of stunning creations same as Facer premium services.

This is offline music player on your wrist as well as file manager and gallery. You can manage your files on your watch and also move any type of files or folder from your phone to Huawei Watch. It performs as music player on your wrist as stores and restores track position and perfect for audiobooks and podcasts. The app also works as gallery on your watch as you can see images with zoom in and zoom out. Excellent app that let you manage several things from the watch.

While you have some difficulties to perform calculations, this simple app helps you to do that from your Huawei smartwatch. The app let you perform basic as well as advanced calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With the app you can also perform advanced scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. With this user-friendly app do all calculations with confidence and become the expert.

huawei tizen

It let you have insight on every story and news from national and international arena at your wrist and stay informed. The app allows you have fresh perspective on the world from post bloggers.

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huawei tizen

This app is convenient to use from the smartwatch and stay aware with whatever happening around you. Must Read: CNN app now available on smartwatches. The Nest app let you take complete control of your home at your wrist and manage things thoughtfully and smartly.

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From your Huawei smartwatch you can manage things like set alarms, turn off heating, turn on camera that set to see your home and do more things with the help of this app. Nest protect features makes you alert about the smoke and carbon monoxide as well as see the status of your battery, sensors and Wi-Fi connections.Every year users ask whether there is WhatsApp on Huawei Watch to communicate with their friends via smartwatch.

Well, the answer is basically no every year, and still, the answer is the same. The same goes for WhatsApp, it takes much more storage to install. On your paired smartphone, download the Health app. When you get the new message on your smartphone then you will get notified on the smartwatch. Swipe up or down to view the message. To delete the message, swipe to the right. You can delete all messages by selecting the Clear All option. Due to the limited storage space, you can only save up to 10 messages at a time.

When you get more than 10 messages then the latest 10 messages will be saved. By following these steps you can get the new WhatsApp messages on the main screen. Note that to get the notifications on the Huawei Watch, you must allow Whatsapp notifications on your paired smartphones. If you have muted some groups or contacts in WhatsApp account then those messages will not come to smartwatches.

In his free time, he likes to read about new tech gadgets and watch movies. I use iPhone.Huawei has tried to pack all the necessary features into the watch to make it a premium wearable device that helps in workout sessions. The newly added 15 sport modes are the initiative towards fitness goals.

The best part of the Huawei Watch GT 2 is its blood oxygen monitoring SpO2 feature that lets you measure blood oxygen levels in your body. Below are the steps to check the blood oxygen level in your body. Before you check the blood oxygen level we want to tell you that the measurement will be interrupted if you swipe right on the screen, start a workout on the Huawei Health app or receive notifications for incoming calls or alarms. To measure the blood oxygen level while mountain climbing, go to the climbing screen and select SpO2 for accurate data.

To get the result, you must wear the watch correctly otherwise it will give an error. Read the on-screen instructions about how to wear it correctly and retry again. Prutha Passionate about new tech gadgets, since she bought her first smartphone. Hello there is No SPO2 on huawei gt2 watchunimpressed when feature was advertised and not supplied and on huawei gt2 homepage as a feature as well.Huawei Mate 20 Pro comes with whopping 6.

It is built with the latest and updated software Android 9 Pie.

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It is big brother to the Mate 20 smartphone and main rival to the all high end smartphones. Huawei excellently build the device with remarkable features that make it best premium gadget in its price range. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has many interesting advanced features such as updated processor, huge internal storage option with up to 8GB RAM option, intelligent camera quality and whopping mAh battery which lasts long for several hours.

Though you have high-end smartphone in your pocket you always need some important apps at your disposal to enhance the capabilities of the device as well as reduce your efforts. On every smartphone having access to speedy internet is essential for browsing. The Opera Mini is the fastest and secure browser which saves your data and let you explore the online world with minimum data. It allows you to keep several pages open at once with tabs and you can add the favourite site or page to your mobile home screen.

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Now in the upgraded version it comes with handful of needy features. This is the most popular and widely used video player and it has many powerful and advanced features. It supports subtitles of various formats and let you understand any language effortlessly. The app very easy and simple to use, as you can easily zoom in and zoom out video, scroll to the next or previous video.

Its features like advanced hardware acceleration make it the unique video player. This is the voice assistant service provided by Amazon, now it supports all Android smartphones. The AI supported Alexa offers you the amazing features that enables you to perform your several activities easily. You can ask Alexa for anything you want to know like the score of the live match, you can command it for playing the latest music, ask for news and information and many other things like smart home, shopping etc.

You can download the app from Android play Store. Incredible camera quality of your Mate 20 Pro or Mate 30 Pro can be enhanced coupled with this app for producing the best ever selfies. Trendy filters, special stickers, stylish collage and other amazing features of the app allows you to capture the best shot. Sweet Selfie enables you to capture the photos compatible to share with your friends and family on social media. Animal stickers in the app lets you capture the funny photos and make up function offers you various styles for the perfect shot.

Digital transactions and online payments are made easy with the simple and secure Google Pay app. With this app at your disposal you can make all the online transaction such as payment of electricity bill, water bill, DTH recharge etc. Google Pay is convenient to use and it works with your existing bank account. It offers rewards in the form scratch cards with every eligible transaction.

You can request money from your friend and send them money easily with this app. Enthusiastic book readers can utilise their free time by spending it on reading millions of eBooks provided by the app.It makes sense that Huawei would be working on a new watch — the company launched its first watch over a year ago, and since then has remained pretty quiet about the future of its wearable department.

What is interesting, however, is the shift away from Android. According to a recent report, Huawei has been collaborating with Samsung to bring Tizen to the next Huawei watch.

So why the switch? The move would be a first for Tizen, which has so far remained solely on Samsung-built devices, and mostly on Samsung smartwatches. While young, Tizen has proven itself as a very functional operating system — especially on the impressive Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches.

Still, official confirmation of the collaboration has yet to take place. What is Google Pay, and how do you use it? Amazon offers rare discount on latest Apple Watch Series 5 March 20, Common AirPods problems, and how to fix them March 26, The best pedometers of March 30, Everything you need to know about the new Fitbit Charge 4 March 31, Apple Watch Series 5 tips and tricks April 1, The best fitness trackers for April 1, Amazon Prime Day When is it, and what can we expect?

huawei tizen

April 3, The organization additionally announced plans to launch a Tizen Store "later this year" that will offer "thousands of apps.

The public release of the Tizen 2. Samsung, the world's top-selling smartphone maker and the most successful backer of Google's Android platform, has said that it plans to launch phones running Tizen later this year. A Samsung executive, speaking with Forbes at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, said Samsung is working to merge Tizen with Bada—Samsung's homegrown operating system, which launched on a handful of devices before the program was shut down—so that applications written for Bada will work in Tizen.

The handset, which the officials said was far from a finished product, was fine enough but didn't stand out, said the report, which added that the phone had a sliding lock-screen, a pull-down settings menu, as on Android, and a home page populated by application icons, as on the iPhone.

Pressed for details, the Tizen officials offered no timing details, except to say that they are in no hurry to release Tizen into the market. That said, they noted that Huawei has also signed on to make Tizen devices. Even established platforms, such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone, have had a difficult time building up their shares; each represents about 3 percent of the smartphone market.

The mobile carriers, however, have an interest in seeing more than two platforms succeed, and their backing is critical as to whether these smaller players can find their footing and succeed.

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On the eve of MWC, Mozilla announced that 17 carriers had signed on to support devices running its Firefox OS, and it hopes to begin seeing them midyear. Research Assistant on Top IT resources to move your business forward.

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WhatsApp on Huawei Watch GT & GT 2

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Huawei’s next smartwatch could run Samsung’s Tizen instead of Android Wear

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